©2007 Greg Everett

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"I've Never Been Here Before"  is a compilation of Greg's original music that varies from country to jazz. This body of work took roughly three years to complete. Gerry Plank on saxophone is featured on many of the songs. A special friend, the late Bobby Moncivais plays his funk bass on "Late For Supper Blues." All guitar work and vocals were performed by Greg, and everything from writing to recording, mixing, and mastering were completed in Greg's home studio. Download individual songs for $1.00 each or get the whole album for only $10.00. The album consists of 12 songs - eight instrumentals and four vocals. Check it out!

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De-Plugged, by Wow And The Bar Flies is a "back to basics" effort, focusing on making the most out of simplicity. The songs, all written, arranged, and produced by Greg have no more than two guitar tracks accompanying a lead vocal with rich vocal harmonies. The genres are mixed as Greg truly loves a wide range of of music styles. Every aspect of each song was performed by Greg. There are 14 songs on the album which is available for $10.00, or you can purchase individual favorites for $1.00 each. "Wow And The Bar Flies" is a name Greg coined as a name for the musicians who used to come to a jam session Greg hosted at a local bar. He thought the name was quirky and funny, so he decided to use it for this album. If you like that singer/songwriter vibe, you'll likely enjoy Greg's De-Plugged album. Stop by Greg's ReverbNation page where you can listen to all the songs in their entirety.

Greg recently became a member of ReverbNation. He has numerous songs posted there. All songs from the "De-Plugged" album and from the "I've Never Been Here Before" album have been posted there and can be heard in their entirety for free. Greg will continue to post more as well. It's an easy site to navigate - very user friendly. There are also vast numbers of other artists including many of the industry's top names. If you haven't already done so, check it out.