Greg and his good friend, Gerry Plank have entered into a partnership, composing, arranging, recording and performing music to fill requests in many genres and styles of music. We are working closely with a music placement company that offers a unique service to the industry. Record companies, producers, publishers, ad agencies and numerous music libraries submit requests to this placement service for various types of music to fill specific needs. We are immediately notified of those requests. Then we select what we feel best fits our expertise, hit the studio and create a project with the hope of blowing them away. We have had music forwarded and strive to capitalize on our continued success.

Collaborative Partnership

Check it out! "I've Never Been Here Before," my online downloadable album featuring Gerry's soulful, stylistic saxophone impressions.

My Online, Downloadable Album!

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Stunning, kaleidoscopic mandalas created from photographs
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Uniquely Beautiful Mandalas