When in L.A., check out this tribute band. Bonfire is like seeing and hearing AC/DC when they were in their prime. Update: Bonfire was recently featured on AXSTV's, "World's Greatest Tribute Bands." They have been doing national and world tours so keep an eye out fot them coming to a venue near you.

If bluegrass music suits your taste, you won't find a better band than Art Stevenson and Highwater - awesome.

Recommended Friends

Here on the resources page, you'll find a listing of friends of Greg Everett who are involved in music related businesses.

"Please check out these wonderful friends of mine. They're all people I'm proud to recommend." - Greg

A friend of mine, Dan Tharp has an extremely unique style on steel string and nylon string guitars, and plays beautiful, original music magnificently. It's well worth it to Check him out !

Defenders of Wildlife : Even as polar bears struggle to survive due to disappearing polar ice, polar bear parts and products can be found on the open market. Among the many programs Defenders of Wildlife has implemented worldwide, saving the iconic polar bear is a top priority.

A new found, very artistic friend has some web sites you should not miss. Please check out Sue Duda's music art on shirts and gifts at CafePress and Zazzle .
Also, check out Sue Duda Fiddle Lessons

Hand Picked Bluegrass Band makes absolutely wonderful Blugrass music You can also see them on their MySpace page and check out Joe's handcrafted mandolins. They're awesome!

Check out my downloadable album!.
"De-Plugged By Wow And The Bar Flies"

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