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Photo Art In addition to music, I also love photography, art, and computer graphics. I especially love nature and wildlife photography. My wildlife photographer partner, Karen Rusch and I created KaleidoTease, a company specializing in creating kaleidoscopic images from photographs. We offer prints, t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, towels, aprons, tote bags, etc. We even offer shower curtains and duvet covers. You’ll find a variety of animals, birds, flowers, butterflies, scenery and a handful of city scenes. Karen and I are both strong advocates for the preservation of nature and natural places. KaleidoTease images are fun and intriguing. They are not just attractive pieces of artwork, but great conversation starters as well. You’ll soon be able to browse through our entire collection at KaleidoTease.com. In the mean time, I’ve posted some of our images here. See More Images
Autumn Road
Owl-Eyed Butterfly
Baltimore Oriole